Fit By Faith Formula FAQ​
What is the Fit By Faith Formula
What Kinds Of Foods Will I Be Eating?
It is a 30-day program designed to set you up for success long after the program is over.  You will learn and be given guides and tools to help you during these 30 days and beyond.  We will take steps to destress your metabolism & your mind through a detective process to determine what foods and exercise work for your unique body.

There are 2 phases to the program one is for de-stressing and getting you feeling good again and one is for building muscle and sculpting. 

The beauty of The Fit By Faith Formula program is that you are not restricted to certain foods or a strict meal plan. 

We will give you guidelines and food lists to follow & then help you mold that to what your body responds best to.

We will learn the difference between healthy eating & fat loss eating and how certain foods combined together work for you or against you.

We also create an eating lifestyle that fits your lifestyle whether you have a normal 9-5 job, work from home parent, or shift work.

Other areas covered are Metabolic Damage, Menopause & PCOS, Hormonal Imbalance in men and women and Thyroid issues.

There is no one way that works for everyone so we have to figure out what works for you!

What Kind Of Exercise Will I Be Doing?

You will be provided a huge library of Krista's 600 online workouts, which have been proven to work effectively and quickly as most are on average 20 minutes.  In the first phase of the program, workouts will not be the focus.

Metabolic Effect weight training workouts

Senior/Low Impact/ Chair Yoga

Pregnancy Workouts

KettleBell workouts

With the ability to access our other types of workouts as well once the program is over.

We will be focusing more on destressing and relaxed walking to start (for most of the group) & add more exercising later in the program as needed. 

Exercise is important, but it does not drive results. Getting your fat loss formula must happen first.

How we will be communicating with our trainer/nutritionist?

A private Facebook forum will be created for all who join this group, where no others, except group members, can read the forum. 

Participating is extremely important for success so that your trainer can get to know you and help you through the process.  The support with others will also be a big factor in your success.

If you do not wish to use Facebook beyond this program, you can simply create an account and only have Krista Johnson as your friend.

What about this program hitting during Holidays or special events that will have unhealthy food choices?
What if I have an injury and/or cannot exercise, illness, pregnancy, take medication, or anything that might make most fat loss programs not possible.

This program is designed to work no matter what your situation is, otherwise, it would not be sustainable, so you will have no problem not only attending these eating events but enjoying the food served!

During this program, you will be learning how to eat in many different situations, even at a gas station and stay in the fat loss lifestyle.

Good news, this program is designed to work through any situation you are in or could face in the future.  

Fat loss happens anywhere, under any circumstances and as soon as you learn this, you will get out of the trap that diets put on you of all or nothing.  We want you free to operate in this lifestyle no matter what is going on in your life.

It isn't something that would be harmful to people in any of those situations.  In fact, we see people improve greatly and thrive in this program, even under those circumstances.

We always advise though to discuss starting any new program with your doctor first.

What kind of results should I expect?

We should be in great expectation when we take on something to help us to become better, BUT, this question shows there is no real purpose or passion behind what you are doing.

This is a lot like saying how long will it take for me to become a world-class chef?

Some people study years and cook their whole life and never reach that status. The idea that body change takes a certain amount of time is just plain silly. It takes as long as it takes.  If you have a time set in your head, chances are you will be disappointed.

Instead ask: What's Next?

By asking what's next, you understand that this is a never ending journey that once you start does not end.  The question "what's next" means you have become engaged in the process and not the outcome. 

Once you start asking "what's next", you have realized this is a journey not a destination and are on your way to mastery.

What happens once the program is over?
You will receive LIFETIME SUPPORT from Krista at her special graduate's forum on Facebook.  Krista believes support is #1 and provides this to all her clients.