Healthy Eating isn’t always fat loss eating. Now you are eating healthy food with fat loss, but people have a misconception of eating healthy and eating for fat loss.
We know carbs stimulate insulin to produce which in turn stores fat.

Let’s determine what carbs are.

Most people think of starches like beans, legumes, pasta, crackers, cookies, candy, oats, potatoes, cereal, rice, etc.

But many do not realize that vegetables and fruits are also carbohydrates. When we think of eating healthy, we think of eating a lot of whole grains, fruits, and veggies.

We need to look at this differently for fat loss. We are looking for carbs that have a lot of water and fiber in them and not a lot of starch.

So we have two groups of carbs. The Fiber and the Non-Fiber. The Fiber being lower sugar fruits (berries, pears, grapefruits & apples) and veggies and the non-fiber being all the other carbs (even if they are called Fiber ONE or Kashi!)

You might be saying, “But I have always heard that beans, rice, and whole grains are fiber-based?”

This is the most important lesson in the difference between these carbs.  Please review the chart below.  Beans would be the same results as the whole grains.

As you can see, there is more fiber than starch in the fruits and veggies than in the refined, whole grains and beans. The fruits and veggies also have a lot of water in them.

When you choose fruits and veggies for your carbs, you get more water, more fiber and less starch/sugar which helps balance your hormones out and keeps you from feeling hungry, having cravings and stabilizes your energy!

Another great way to figure out if what you are eating has more protein and fiber than starch, use this formula for processed foods and pre-packaged foods.  

Take the Total Carbs and subtract the amount of protein and fiber.  

 (Total Carbs) – (protein + fiber) = . 

Depending on what burner type you are and what your starch needs are:

 If the number equals 5 or less, then it has more good than bad in it   for sugar burners.

If the number equals 10 or less then it is good for mixed burners.

If the number equals 15 or less then it is good for muscle burners.

 If it is above your number, then you know you are setting yourself up for fat gain instead of fat burn by eating it.   This is helpful when choosing “Protein” bars.  You will be surprised to see that many protein bars have little protein compared to starch.

Now, this does not mean you cannot ever eat something starchy again, but 90% of your nutrition you want to follow this formula for ultimate fat loss for optimal results.

Be sure to take the Metabolic Effect Quiz to see what burner type you are.

Label Rule
Fiber & NonFiber Carbs