This is Jay Robb brand. It is actually the one I used until I found Isagenix. It does not have fiber and not nearly enough calories to be a meal replacement which was my biggest issue because, for me, it is easier and less expensive to drink a shake without adding stuff to it. 

But overall, it is decent. Xylitol is a good alternative sweetener like stevia. It has the properties of sugar alcohol, but it isn't a sugar or an alcohol. It comes from the fiber of the plant and does well with most people who do well with sugar alcohol.

If you have problems with bloating or digestive issues, then xylitol may not be good for you as it will probably aggravate that. Jay Robb contains soy lethicin which is okay if you read that document "What you don't want in your protein shake" which explains why soy lethicin does not affect you the way soy protein does. 

Jay Robb makes a whey protein as well and I do not recommend it, only the egg white protein as long as you fix the issues of lack of fiber and calories.