Now if you have PCOS and have irregular periods, use birth control that stops your periods for long periods, or if someone is in menopause or has had a hysterectomy and stops producing estrogen, when is the best time for cheeseburger and fries?

I don’t want to tell you to never enjoy these meals, but for you, preemptive cheating of tiny amounts and making the entire meal a very rare occasion is going to be your best option.

You will have to understand that there is skill involved in cheat meals and how to keep them from throwing you completely out of whack when you do enjoy them on rare occasions. (In the EMEM program I will have a document to help you on Cheat Meals)

Also, you do still have some estrogen coming from your adrenals, but when adrenals become stressed out, they won’t be helpful to you. So cheat at a time when you are not stressed out, especially emotionally, and follow the skill guidelines in the Cheat Meal 101 Document I will be emailing you in the EMEM phase.

It's about SKILLpower, not WILLpower.

When you can head off the oncoming imbalances at the pass, you can overcome them so much faster and easier.