During your menstrual cycle (in a normal cycle), the first 14 days (that start after your period ends) is a good time.

 Your estrogen is rising and at its highest helping to keep insulin from going high from consuming sugar/starch and from stress. 

Then, after ovulation, notice the progesterone rising up for a short time, but then all hell breaks loose and both come to a crashing train wreck. 

Suddenly you are left with nothing and in walks in PMS, or if you are in menopause, you might feel like this all the time. When your estrogen and progesterone both crash, then your serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones) have disappeared to top it all off.

Some women are terribly afflicted by this and feel helpless as they are extremely moody, irritable, craving everything in sight and just feel like total crap. 

So the answer would be to have that really heavy cheeseburger and fries before you hit ovulation. 

The good news is, we have ways to fix this crash that happens before your cycle starts and that is simply by making sure you are eating enough protein and fiber & using our cocoa drink we suggested (1 TBSP Baking cocoa mixed with hot water and stevia or add it to your shake) or add Keto Kreme to help with happy hormones and cravings. 

If you are having menstrual cycles, I highly encourage you to download an app for your phone to track them. 

I like Period Tracker. I have used the app for many years now and it has picked up my pattern and seems to know every time when I ovulate and when I start my cycle even though mine is not a typical 28-day cycle. 

It has been GOLD for me. I struggle with ovulation time too, so knowing this ahead, I am ready!

Period Tracker For Android

Period Tracker For iphone