How To Share Your Journal

This is one of the most important things you share with me each day so I wanted to give you an example of what to post.

Pinned to the top of the FB page each day will be our daily update.  It will have the day's date and if you are on a smartphone, you will see at the top of our forum "Announcements" Just click on that to see the pinned post.

This is where you will share what you ate, how you felt and ask questions or share with me what you need to tweak for the next day.  The more detail the better.

For example, if you just say you ate a grilled chicken salad at lunch and then became hungry 2 hours later, that doesn't help me a lot.  Now if you said you had 4 ounces of grilled chicken, 2 cups of lettuce, 3 sliced tomatoes and half an avocado, that is going to help.  We can figure out what more that meal needed to help sustain you to the next meal.

Or if you just say you had a protein shake, but didn't share what brand, what you put it in, etc, that doesn't help me much either.  Share the details so we can help each other figure it out faster.

If you don't have measuring cups and spoons handy, here is a quick method to measure using your hand.

Your fist is about 1 cup

The palm of your hand is about 3 ounces

Your thumb is about a teaspoon.

Be sure to either have a small notebook with you to write this down or put it into your smartphone so you won't have to try to remember it later.

You will also be sharing if you did your relaxed walking or movement, your R&R and/or your workout.
So here is an example of how to share under the daily post:

If you can type it out in a document, including the spaces and copy and paste it under the comments of the daily journal, it will make it so much easier for all of us to read so it isn't running together.