The Subway roasted chicken Sandwich on wheat with all the trimmings, apple chips, and unsweet tea. 

This is what most normally assume is the best choice. 

After all turkey is lean, wheat bread is supposed to be healthy for you and apple chips are not as greasy and full of fat as potato chips.

If you go from eating Mcdonald's Big Macs to eating Subway sandwiches, you will surely lose some weight and become healthier. 

This is the weight loss/ calorie model thinking that most people follow in this world. 

But in reality, what is happening when you are putting one of those roasted chicken sandwiches in your mouth is you are consuming 48g of carbs in the bread alone. 

Add all the trimmings of cheese, mayo, then you have just created a pretty good formula for your hormones to be triggered to store fat. 

Then you add the apple chips for some more starchy carbs that are extremely high in sugar to boost your insulin even more so and for women, your estrogen just gives up fighting. 

So you may ask, what if I didn't put cheese or dressing on it?

That would help a lot, but the best way to fix it is to just ditch the bread and allow a very small portion of the apple chips as your small starch with the meal. For the purpose of this question, we are assuming the sandwich has mayo and cheese.  

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