This Assessment will help give us an idea of what brain hormone you may be deficient in based on your answers. 
Being deficient in a brain chemical hormone can cause a great imbalance in your body and affect your mood and ability to lose fat.

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After you take your test, return to this page to see what you can do to improve any moderate to severe deficiencies.

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If your results are over 5  (mild deficiency)
If your results are over 10 (moderate deficiency)
If your results are over 15 (severe deficiency)
Simple review of brain chemical hormones:
Dopamine helps us to feel motivated and driven (stimulating hormone)
Serotonin helps gives up comfort and self-esteem (the happy hormone)
GABA helps us to feel relaxed, calm and laid back  (relaxing hormone)
Acetylcholine helps us to feel sharp, witty, quick, and have a great memory. (Stimulating hormone)
Being unbalanced in any of these hormones can greatly impact cravings and motivation.
 Those who are deficient in Dopamine tend to crave:  chocolate, sugar, coffee.   Supplements to help raise dopamine are Tyrosine, BCAA and cocoa powder.  There is BCAA in the Isagenix shakes so having two a day will be very helpful and you can get this BCAA supplement which gives you the BCAA without having to eat food Amped Recover.  For those that have been having 2 of them, you might notice not having big issues with this on those days. 
Those who are deficient in Serotonin
tend to crave: chocolate, starch, salt.  Supplements to help raise serotonin are Tryptophan, 5HTP, SAMe, BCAA, cocoa powder.  Again Isagenix Shakes, Cocoa and BCAA are staples for this in my opinion.  I also am a big fan now of KETONES to help with this as well.
Those who are deficient in GABA tend to crave: alcohol, large portions of foods.  Supplements to help raise GABA are Taurine, glutamine, BCAAKETONES would be a huge help for GABA as well as KETO KREME and now Pruvit has a new tea called Keto Kalm in several flavors that will be available to the general public soon.  Do you see a pattern here?  Isagenix Shakes, BCAA, Ketones, and cocoa.  You see why I have chosen Isagenix.  When people begin using Isagenix consistently, it really helps overall!
Those who are deficient in Acetylcholine tend to crave fat.  Supplements to help raise acetylcholine are Phosphatidylcholine and foods such as avocado, eggs, and nuts are helpful.  Again, KETONES and KETO KREME would help this as well.